Player Summary - Barry Dobson

1741 (75) #54


Total Matches21
Total Games45
Games Won28
Games Lost17
Win Average62.2 %
Set Average3.8
Doubles Played11
Played Up0

Game Results

Opponent Opponent Team Match Date Score
Steve Armstrong Queens E 27/Sep/2023
Keith Russell Queens E 27/Sep/2023
Phil Russell Queens E 27/Sep/2023
Sarah Whithorn Oakley A 02/Oct/2023
Dave Smith Oakley A ( Oakley B ) 02/Oct/2023
Trevor Lay Oakley A 02/Oct/2023
Barry Carter Hannington 10/Oct/2023
Steve Rollason Hannington 10/Oct/2023
Martin Gilbey Queens D 16/Oct/2023
Alan White Queens D 16/Oct/2023
Tommy Wan Queens D 16/Oct/2023
Chris Smith Oakley B 24/Oct/2023
Ron Draper Oakley B 24/Oct/2023
Bryan Vaz Aldworth D 31/Oct/2023
Andy Jeffery Aldworth D 31/Oct/2023
Philip Jones Aldworth D 31/Oct/2023
Jose Manuel Gonzalez Cruz KG B 07/Nov/2023
Paritosh Singh KG B 07/Nov/2023
Padmindra Gurung KG B 07/Nov/2023
Phil Whitfield Oakley A ( Oakley B ) 28/Nov/2023
Sarah Whithorn Oakley A 28/Nov/2023
Trevor Lay Oakley A 28/Nov/2023
Alan White Queens D 12/Dec/2023
Tommy Wan Queens D 12/Dec/2023
Martin Gilbey Queens D 12/Dec/2023
Keith Russell Queens E 22/Nov/2023
Phil Russell Queens E 22/Nov/2023
Vasco Correia Queens E 22/Nov/2023
Simon Kiefer Aldworth D 16/Jan/2024
Andy Jeffery Aldworth D 16/Jan/2024
Philip Jones Aldworth D 16/Jan/2024
Phil Whitfield Oakley B 08/Jan/2024
Chris Smith Oakley B 08/Jan/2024
Darren Rounce Oakley B 08/Jan/2024
Trevor Lay Oakley A 12/Feb/2024
Sarah Whithorn Oakley A 12/Feb/2024
Peter Henderson Hannington 20/Feb/2024
Steve Rollason Hannington 20/Feb/2024
Barry Carter Hannington 20/Feb/2024
Phil Russell Queens E 06/Feb/2024
Vasco Correia Queens E 06/Feb/2024
Keith Russell Queens E 06/Feb/2024
Bryan Vaz Aldworth D 19/Mar/2024
Philip Jones Aldworth D 19/Mar/2024
Andy Jeffery Aldworth D 19/Mar/2024

Point History


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