Player Summary - Steve Armstrong

1335 (-108) #48


Matches Participated6
Total Games18
Games Won7
Games Lost11
Player Win Average38.9 %
Played Doubles4
Played Up0

Game Results

Opponent Opponent Team Match Date Score
Ian Warner Wanderers A 24/Nov/2022
Terri Allison Wanderers A 24/Nov/2022
Terry West Wanderers A 24/Nov/2022
David Joyce Queens C ( Queens E ) 25/Oct/2022
Sue Purton Queens C 25/Oct/2022
Celia Hooker Queens C 25/Oct/2022
John Upham KG C 02/Nov/2022
John Terry-Dawson KG C 02/Nov/2022
Mike Wood KG C 02/Nov/2022
Martin Gilbey Queens D 29/Nov/2022
Jonathan Hopson Queens D 29/Nov/2022
Tommy Wan Queens D 29/Nov/2022
Bryan Vaz Aldworth D ( Aldworth E ) 06/Dec/2022
Wayne Frankham Aldworth D 06/Dec/2022
Francis Brewster Aldworth D 06/Dec/2022
Ian Hammond Aldworth B 13/Dec/2022
Martin Shaughnessy Aldworth B 13/Dec/2022
Toby Usher Aldworth B ( Aldworth C ) 13/Dec/2022

Point History


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