Basingstoke Competition - Aldworth Summer League

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Team Name Team Members
Palacoomeatroyd Callum Coombs   Justin Mead  
'B' team by name Jon Clarke   Ian Parkyn  
Camdy (Legends) Andy Prince   Cameron Brealey  
Pete & James Pete Matthews   James Wright  
Team Name Team Members
Hit and Hope Mark Every   Gary Livingstone  
The Wallopers Celia Hooker   Bill Stamatiou  
Hammers Jamie Cole   Antony Baker  
Jeffernauts Andy Jeffery   Fallon Rust  
St Denys Barry Dobson   Ed Kennedy  
Team Name Team Members
Tennis Titans Joe Parkyn   Bryan Vaz  
Top Spinners Ola Afolabi   James Pleydell Brown  
Team Name Team Members
Octogenarians Tom Speed   Robin Burns  
The Waterboys 2 Wayne Frankham   Michael Bath  
TAJ Alan Fletcher   Tony Coombes  


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