Player Summary - Phil Snelson

2327 (63) #1


Matches Participated6
Total Games18
Games Won18
Games Lost0
Player Win Average100.0 %
Played Doubles4

Game Results

Opponent Opponent Team Match Date Score
Praneet Moongrey KG A 03/Oct/2022
Eric Wong KG B 03/Oct/2022
Micky Lang KG A 03/Oct/2022
Steve Rollason Hannington B 10/Oct/2022
Mark Pettengell Hannington B 10/Oct/2022
Peter Henderson Hannington B 10/Oct/2022
Richard Fettes Hannington A 18/Oct/2022
Peter Cowburn Hannington A 18/Oct/2022
Andy Whitcher Hannington A 18/Oct/2022
Cameron Brealey KG B 24/Oct/2022
Carlyle Pavey KG B 24/Oct/2022
Nick Webb KG B 24/Oct/2022
Tony Palaczky Queens A 01/Nov/2022
Callum Coombs Queens A 01/Nov/2022
Justin Mead Queens A 01/Nov/2022
Jon Clarke Queens B 12/Dec/2022
Steve Murgatroyd Queens B 12/Dec/2022
Sam Ricks Queens B 12/Dec/2022

Point History

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