Competition Overview

Basingstoke & District League matches are now handled digitally, looking to be more streamlined and removing the need for paper forms to be used. In order to play in the league matches, you now need to register to play in matches. Once registered the Club Secretaries can then assign you to a team, along with the captains that will be responsible for entering score cards.

Competition Registration

In order to play in a competition a player needs to first register for the competition. Without a player registering they will not be able to be assigned to play in a team and won't be able to have any matches results recorded against them.

To register to play in a competition, select Player Registration from the main Menu, which can be found at the top right of the web page. The form will allow you to enter the player details and also confirm that payment has been made (preferably by bank transfer).

If the competition that you want to enter isn't initially displayed, you can change the competitions available using the dropdown box at the top right of the form.
Once registration has been successful you will see a notification displayed at the top of the screen and the "Complete Registration" button will become disabled. You can view the player regstration details by selecting the Registered Players option from the main menu. If the player hasn't been assigned to a team, then the "Team" and "Division" will be missing.

Creating an Account

Any player in the league can create an account, though it isn't required unless you need to perform one or more of the following activities;
Role Title Description
Admin Web site administrators
Club Secretary Used to set up teams within the defined club and assign players. Can also enter scores for any team within the club they are assigned.
Captain Assigned by the Club Secretary when defining the teams. Responsible for entering home or away scores for the matches their team plays.
Calendar Role assigned to specific people that can update the calendar entries
Before a team can be assigned a captain, the player who will be assigned 'captain' will need to already need to have registered and created an account. When the player is selected to be a captain, the Captain role will automatically be assigned to the player. If the player hasn't registered for the competition and/ or hasn't created an account the team creation will fail.

To create an account on the site is easy and simply requires filling in the details under the Register option found in the main menu.

When logging into the web site, the email address that you have entered will be the username. If you forget your password, then you can request to have it reset. When you enter a valid email address to reset the password, a link will be emailed to the registered email address, which will allow you to re-enter an new password.

Creating a Team

People that have been assigned the role of 'Club Secretary' can create teams for the club that they belong to. To have the 'Club Secretary' role assigned to your account you first will need to have created an account on the web site. Once the account has been created then you need to request the "Club Secretary" role is added to your account by contacting the site administrator or a member of the commitee.

Team Creation Process

Step 1 - Log into the web site
Step 2 - Select League Teams from the menu
Step 3 - Select the division the team is to be a member of
Step 4 - click the icon to display the team details to create
Step 5 - The form below will be shown; select the club, enter the team name and select the home night the team will play.
Step 6 - Click Save

Assigning Team Players

To assign players to a team, you will need to have created an account and be logged in. You wil also need to have the 'Club Secretary' role assigned to your account. If you don't have the 'Club Secretary' role, you can request this by contacting the site administrator or a member of the commitee.

Any players that you want to assign to a team will need to have registered to play in the competition beforehand. Players that are going to be doing the role of Captain will also need to have created an account.

Player Assignment

Step 1 - Log into the web site
Step 2 - Select League Teams from the menu
Step 3 - Select the required division of the team to edit and select the icon by the team name.
Step 4 - In the form displayed, select the players that will be playing in the team. If more players are required than displayed use the to add more players. The players displayed in the drop down lists are taken from the players that have registered to play in the competition.
Step 5 - Assign a team captain by clicking the
Step 6 - Click Save

Once the team players have been assigned to the team the will be visible on the League Teams web page.


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